Southern Inspired Breakfast Buffet. $150.00
Serves 12
Choice of 2 Meats, eggs, grits,
Sautéed potatoes, breads 
Elite Continental Breakfast Buffet. $100.00
Serves 12 
Healthy Muffins, fresh fruit, yogurt
Elite Breakfast Beverage Bar. $100.00
Serves 12
Hot Coffee and Teas
Orange Juice , Bottled Water
Seasonal Fruit Display. $50.00
Serves 15-20
Domestic Cheese Platter. $60.00
Assorted cheeses with fruit and
Variety of crackers
Serves 15
Slider Platters. $40.00
Serves 12
Choose: Cuban (Black Forest Ham)
Rueben (Turkey Pastrami)
Grilled Vegetable (Vegan)
Elite Pico de Gallo $40.00
and Guacamole With Crispy Tortilla Strips
Serves 12
Grilled assorted vegetables $50.00
Serves 12
Drizzled with olive oil and
Balsamic vinaigrette 
Build your own sandwich platter. $90.00
Serves 12
Includes assorted deli meats and cheeses
Greens, tomatoes, pickles and condiments 
Assorted buns, breads
Assorted Sandwich platter. $85.00
Serves 12
Variety of meats and cheeses, greens
And tomatoes, and condiments. 
Elite Chicken Salad $9.00
Minimum 5
Marinated chicken breast, celery, grapes
Served on flaky croissants.
Smoked Turkey & Provolone $9.00
Minimum 5
Served on brioche bun with lettuce 
and tomatoes 
Lean Baked Ham and Swiss. $9.00
Minimum 5
Served on ciabatta, with greens
tomatoes, and condiments 
Grilled Portobello.Vegetarian). $9.00
Minimum 4
Grilled with roasted red peppers 
and sautéed kale.
Assorted Wraps Platter. $90.00
Serves 12
Variety of meats and fillings
(Vegetarian options)
Elite Buttermilk Fried Chicken Salad. $90.00
Entree Salad. 
Serves 8
Organic Spinach Salad
Shaved red onion, avocado,
Chopped egg, mushroom, 
Honey Mustard Dressing
COBB Salad Platter. $80.00
Serves 12 
Greens with diced chicken breast 
Avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes 
Eggs, bacon, blue cheese crumbles 
Elite Chicken Caesar Salad. $80.00
Serves 12
Crisp Romaine with croutons 
Parmesan cheese and grilled 
Chicken breast 
Elite Fresh Garden Salad. $40.00
Serves 12
Bowl of fresh mixed greens, with 
Grape tomatoes, cucumbers , choice
Of dressings 
Elite Homemade Vegetable Soup. $40.00
Serves 12
Fresh vegetables simmered in a tomato 
Base: roll/ cornbread 
Traditional Sausage & Chicken Gumbo. $60.00
Serves 8
Thick , deliciousness: andouille sausage, chicken
Vegetables: served with Rice& French Bread 
Moms’ Chicken & Dumplings. $60.00
Serves 8
Slow simmered , chicken, and vegetables 
With light , tender dumplings. Served 
With Roll
Hearty Tex-Mex Chili. $60.00
Serves 8
Hearty bowl of goodness: served with 
Jalapeño cheddar cornbread
Sour Cream, onions. 
Serves 10
*Elite Award Winning Macaroni & Cheese*
Pasta Salad ( Vegetarian). $30.00
Elite Roasted Cauliflower $40.00
Elite Roasted Brussels Sprouts $40.00
Elite Roasted Sweet Potatoes $40.00
Seasoned Green Beans. $40.00
Sautéed Collard/Kale Blend. $50.00
Sautéed Rice Blends 
-Cajun Dirty Rice. $40.00
-Elite House Rice ( Chicken, Beef 
, Vegetarian). $40.00
Elite Vegetarian Lasagna $140.00
Serves 12
Signature item: grilled seasonal 
Vegetables with pasta ,cheese
And béchamel sauce: side salad, 
garlic bread
Elite Traditional Lasagna. $150.00
Serves 12
Italian Sausage , ground beef
Pasta, cheese and marinara sauce
Garlic bread, and side salad 
Bourbon Chicken. $150.00
Serves 12
Tender diced chicken in 
A tantalizing soy, bourbon glaze, 
served with Brown or white jasmine rice, 
Seasoned green beans 
Southern Inspired Buffet. $180.00
Serves 12
Seasoned Baked/ or Fried Chicken 
Includes (3) Three Sides, and garden 
salad , Rolls, corn muffins 
Honey Glazed Grilled Salmon. $160.00
Serves 12
Fresh farmed, antibiotic free
Served with seasoned basmati 
Rice , steamed broccoli/ or green beans
Creole inspired Buffet. $160.00
Serves 12
Blackened crab stuffed catfish,
Dirty Rice, green beans , rolls
Southwestern Inspired Buffet. $160.00
Serves 12
Build your own tacos: Beef, Chicken, 
Sautéed shrimp
Cilantro- Lime Rice
Seasoned Black Beans 
Chips, salsa, cheese, sour cream 
Elite Healthy Cookies. 
Chocolate Chunk, Oatmeal Raisin, Red Velvet 
Platters - Serve 12 $25.00
Individual Bags. 3 pieces. $. 5.00
Elite Chocolate Brownies.(2-bite)
Platters - Serve 12. $25.00
Individual Bags 6 pieces. $. 6.00
Peach Cobbler. $25.00
Serves 8
Vanilla Ice Cream. $10.00
Southern Banana Pudding. $25.00
Serves 8
Bread Pudding w/ Vanilla Sauce. $25.00
Serves 10
Grandma’s Sweet Potato Pie. $10.00
Serves 8
Pumpkin Pie. $10.00
Serves 8
Gallon Sweetened Tea. $5.00
Gallon Unsweetened Tea. $5.00
Gallon Orange Juice. $6.00
Bottled Water. $1.00
Canned Sodas. $1.25

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